A metric is an insight derived from a dataset.

A metric consists primarily of an SQL query and optional filters that act as parameters for the query.

This page contains


    name: String!

    The human-readable name of the metric

    id: ID!

    The unique identifier of the metric

    productId: ID!

    The unique identifier (uuid) of the product that this metric belongs to

    datasetId: ID!

    The unique identifier of the dataset that this metric pertains to

    revisionId: Int!

    The dataset revision id that this metric pertains to. If not provided, the most recent revision will be used.

    query: String

    The SQL query that will be executed when this metric is executed

    filters: [VisualizationMetricFilter]

    The filters that are available for this metric

    Mutations for VisualizationMetric


    Queries for VisualizationMetric


    Retrieve a specific metric