ProductEdition definition

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    id: ID!

    Unique identifier

    version: String!

    Edition's version

    code: String!

    The code of the edition

    product: Product! PREVIEW

    Associated product

    inventory: Inventory
    pricing: EditionPricing PREVIEW
    name: [LocalizedString!]!

    The localized name of the edition

    status: ProductEditionStatus

    The status of the edition

    variant: ProductVariant PREVIEW

    Corresponding variant to this edition

    files: [ProductEditionFile!]!

    Associated files with this edition

    features: [ProductEditionFeature!]

    Features of the edition

    legalAndCompliance: ProductEditionLegalAndCompliance

    Legal and Compliance of the edition

    targetAudience: [LocalizedString!]! PREVIEW

    The localized name of the target audience

    upstreamAssociations: [ProductEditionAssociation!] PREVIEW

    Required product editions to buy this edition

    Parent objects of ProductEdition

    InvoiceEdition PREVIEW

    Edition for invoice. Contains a reference to current object and data recorded at invoice creation.

    Product PREVIEW

    Product definition

    ProductEditionAssociation PREVIEW
    ProductEditionAssociationRequirement PREVIEW
    ProductVariant PREVIEW

    Specific variant of a Product from a configuration of a product's variant value

    SubscriptionDefinition PREVIEW

    Subscription definition

    Mutations for ProductEdition


    Create an edition

    createProductEditionAssociations PREVIEW

    Create an association between editions

    removeFileFromProductEdition PREVIEW

    Remove a file from a product edition


    Update a product edition

    Queries for ProductEdition


    Query a product