PublishedProductSearchFacetsHits is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Represent all facets that could be returned as part of a search request

This page contains


    platform: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    categories: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    subCategories: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    attributes: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    attributeOptions: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    industries: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW
    productLines: [PublishedProductSearchFacet] PREVIEW

    Parent objects of PublishedProductSearchFacetsHits

    PublishedProductSearchResult PREVIEW

    Represent a search result

    PublishedProductSearchResultInternal PREVIEW

    Represent a search result

    Queries for PublishedProductSearchFacetsHits

    publishedProductsSearch PREVIEW
    publishedProductsSearchInternal PREVIEW

    Returns a paginated list of published products that match the queryString, partner, locale and filters provided.