AddProductIntegrationSingleSignOnConfigurationSetupFormInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Specifies the setup form to add to a product integration

This page contains


    integrationConfigurationId ID!

    Unique ID of the product integration configuration the setup form will be added to.

    overview String!

    An overview or greeting that will be presented to the user when prompted to configure this application for single sign-on.

    instructions String!

    Provide the user with instructions to configure single sign-on. Instructions can contain the following placeholders: {idp.issuer}, {idp.login.url}, {sp.login.url}, {certificate.url}, {certificate.content}, {certificate.fingerprint}, {metadata.url}, or {marketplace.url}.

    parameters [AddSetupFormPlaceholderParameterInput!] PREVIEW

    The placeholder parameters to add to a product integration setup form

    Mutations for AddProductIntegrationSingleSignOnConfigurationSetupFormInput

    addProductIntegrationSingleSignOnConfigurationSetupForm PREVIEW

    Add a single sign-on setup form configuration to an existing product integration