Attributes available to update a product

This page contains


    productId ID!

    Product id

    supplierId ID

    Supplier id

    name [LocalStringInput!]

    The name of the product

    shortDescription [LocalStringInput!]

    5 words description of the product

    description [LocalStringInput!]

    Description of the product

    vendorName [LocalStringInput!]

    Name of the product vendor

    linkToProductWebsite [LocalStringInput!]

    Link to the product website

    support ProductSupportInput

    Support information of a Product

    overview ProductOverviewInput

    Profile overview information

    media [ProductMediaInput!]

    Media information

    features [ProductFeatureInput!]

    Product features information

    benefits [ProductBenefitInput!]

    Product benefits information

    editionSharedInformation ProductEditionSharedInformationInput

    Edition shared information

    Mutations for UpdateProductInput


    Update a product