CreateUsageReaderInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Input for creating a usage reader

This page contains


    name String!

    Name for usage reader

    vendorId String!

    Unique ID for vendor of the product

    productId String!

    Unique ID of the product

    usageProcessingType UsageProcessingType! PREVIEW

    Processing Type of usage

    billable Boolean

    If true, usage associating with this reader are billable

    Default value: true

    parser CreateUsageEventParserInput! PREVIEW

    Usage reader specific Parsing information

    usageRequestFieldDefinitions [CreateUsageEventFieldDefinitionsInput!] PREVIEW

    List of fields which are part of usage event. eg. accountId, quantity, unitPrice, etc

    enrichment [CreateUsageReaderEnrichFieldTransformInput!] PREVIEW

    Enrichment/transformation to be applied on the individual field definition

    rating [CreateUsageReaderRatingConfigurationsInput!] PREVIEW

    Pricing specific attributes used for Rating

    additionalAttributesEnrichment [CreateUsageReaderEnrichFieldTransformInput!] PREVIEW

    Enrichment/transformation to be applied on the Additional field definitions

    createdDate DateTime

    Creation date of Usage Reader

    updatedDate DateTime!

    DateTime when usage reader is updated

    Mutations for CreateUsageReaderInput

    createUsageReader PREVIEW

    Create a Usage Reader