UsageReaderConfiguration is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Payload for new reader

This page contains


    id: ID

    Unique identifier for usage reader

    name: String!

    Name of usage reader

    inputType: UsageReaderInputType! PREVIEW

    Input type of usage reader defines how it is created for eg: from CSV file or JSON

    productId: String!

    Unique identifier of the product

    product: Product PREVIEW

    Product Details

    status: UsageReaderStatus PREVIEW

    Usage reader status

    fieldMappings: UsageReaderFieldMappings PREVIEW

    List of fields which will be the part of usage request and their fieldReference from usage payload and inputFieldRef from usage reader input file.

    aggregationFields: [String]

    List of fields which will be used in custom aggregation logic of custom metered usages

    description: UsageReaderDescription PREVIEW

    Description of usage request

    additionalAttributes: [String]

    Additional fields of usage request

    fileDetails: UsageReaderFileDetails PREVIEW

    Input file details used for reader configuration

    rating: UsageRatingConfiguration PREVIEW

    Represents usage reader rating configuration

    eventDateFormat: String

    Usage event occurred date format in LocalDateFormat For example: 'dd/MM/yyyy', 'yyyy-MM-dd', 'dd MMMM yyyy' Reference document:

    additionalAttributesTransformations: [UsageReaderFieldTransformation!] PREVIEW

    Transformations applied on the additionalAttributes of usage paylaod, contains map for fields for eg: key - usage payload fieldName ('effectiveUnitPrice'), value - Transformation that was applied on given key ('effectiveUnitPrice')

    createdDate: DateTime

    DateTime when usage reader is created

    updatedDate: DateTime

    DateTime when usage reader is updated

    updatedBy: String

    Email Id of author while updating the usage reader fields

    Parent objects of UsageReaderConfiguration

    UsageReaderConnection PREVIEW

    A connection type used to page through a list of usage readers

    Mutations for UsageReaderConfiguration

    createUsageReaderConfiguration PREVIEW

    Create a usage reader

    updateUsageReaderConfiguration PREVIEW

    Update a usage reader

    Queries for UsageReaderConfiguration

    usageReaderConfiguration PREVIEW

    Get usage reader configuration by id

    usageReaders PREVIEW

    Returns all usage readers for partner