Input for setting termination fee details

This page contains


    gracePeriod PricingPeriodInput

    Grace period details

    terminationFeeType TerminationFeeType!

    Type of termination fee PERCENTAGE, FLAT_RATE

    description String

    Description for termination fee

    percentageFee BigDecimal PREVIEW

    If its percentage fee the percentage amount 1 = 100%

    flatFee [PricingMonetaryStructureInput!]

    Details of prices for termination fee

    terminationFeeGracePeriod NonNegativeInt

    Grace period length before charging termination fee

    terminationFeeGracePeriodUnit PricingPeriodUnit

    Grace period unit before charging termination fee

    contractStartGracePeriodType ContractStartGracePeriodType

    Contract start grace period types for contract restrictions