CreditMemo is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Definition of an credit memo

This page contains


    id: ID!

    ID of the credit memo

    amountAvailable: Decimal!
    amountUsed: Decimal
    creditMemoAppliedDate: DateTime
    creditMemoCreationDate: DateTime!
    lines: [CreditMemoLine!] PREVIEW
    creditMemoNumber: Int!
    currency: Currency!
    initialStatus: CreditMemoStatus PREVIEW
    tenant: String!
    status: CreditMemoStatus! PREVIEW
    subTotal: Decimal
    taxDetails: [TaxDetail] PREVIEW
    total: Decimal!

    Credit memo total

    siblingInvoiceNumber: String
    totalTax: Decimal
    merchantOfRecord: Seller PREVIEW
    customer: Party PREVIEW
    refundProperties: RefundProperties PREVIEW

    Credit memo refund properties

    isRefund: Boolean!
    balanceCreatedOn: DateTime! PREVIEW

    Creation date of the credit memo in customer balance service

    balanceUpdatedOn: DateTime! PREVIEW

    Last updated date of the credit memo in customer balance service

    balanceCustomer: BalanceCustomer! PREVIEW


    balance: Decimal PREVIEW

    Credit Memo Balance

    refundedInvoice: Invoice PREVIEW

    Invoice refunded by this credit memo

    refundedPayment: Payment PREVIEW

    Payment refunded by this credit memo

    balanceStatus: CreditMemoBalanceStatus PREVIEW

    Balance of credit memo in customer balance service

    appliedToInvoices: [AppliedToInvoice] PREVIEW

    Invoices the credit memo was applied to

    creditMemoLines: [CreditMemoLine!] PREVIEW

    Credit memo lines

    Parent objects of CreditMemo

    AppliedCreditMemo PREVIEW

    Definition of an applied credit memo

    BalanceCreditMemoConnection PREVIEW
    CreditMemoAccountConnection PREVIEW
    CreditMemoAccountMembershipConnection PREVIEW
    CreditMemoConnection PREVIEW

    Queries for CreditMemo

    creditMemo PREVIEW
    creditMemos PREVIEW