UpdateUsageReaderConfigurationInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Input for updating a usage reader

This page contains


    id ID!

    Unique identifier for usage reader

    name String

    Name for usage reader

    inputType UsageReaderInputType PREVIEW

    Input type of usage reader defines how it is created for eg: from CSV file or JSON

    billable Boolean

    If true, reader is used for processing usage events that are billable

    productId String

    Unique ID of the product

    fieldMappings UsageReaderFieldMappingsInput PREVIEW

    List of fields which will be the part of usage request and their fieldReference from usage payload and inputFieldRef from usage reader input file.

    aggregationFields [String]

    List of fields which will be used in custom aggregation logic of custom metered usages

    description UsageReaderDescriptionInput PREVIEW

    Description of usage request

    additionalAttributes [String]

    Additional fields of usage request

    fileDetails UsageReaderFileDetailsInput PREVIEW

    Input file details used for reader configuration. These details are just for reference and are not used in usage processing.

    updatedBy String!

    User email who is updating usage reader configurations

    Mutations for UpdateUsageReaderConfigurationInput

    updateUsageReaderConfiguration PREVIEW

    Update a usage reader