addProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Add a SAML single sign-on configuration to an existing product integration

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    Authorization Rules

    This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes:






    input AddProductIntegrationSamlConfigurationInput! PREVIEW

    AddProductIntegrationSamlConfigurationInput fields

    integrationConfigurationId ID!

    Unique ID of the product integration configuration the SAML single sign-on configuration will be added to.

    version String!

    The version of SAML to use. The following values are supported: 2.0, 1.1, 1.0

    idpConfigurationCreationMethod ProductIntegrationSamlCertificateUsage! PREVIEW

    Defines if an IdP configuration should be unique to each subscription or shared across subscriptions.

    serviceProviderEntityId String!

    The SAML entity ID for your application.

    assertionConsumerServiceUrl String!

    The assertion consumer service URL where SAML response will be sent to.

    serviceProviderInitiatedLoginUrl String

    URL a user is redirected to when they click the 'MyApps' tile. Set this value if your application only supports SP-initiated SSO.

    nameId String!

    The value the marketplace will set as the user's Name ID in the SAML response.

    nameIdFormat String!

    The Name ID format for the subject.

    responseSignatureMode ProductIntegrationSamlSigningSource! PREVIEW

    Defines which part of the SAML response should be signed.

    responseSignatureAlgorithm ProductIntegrationSamlSigningAlgorithm! PREVIEW

    Defines the signature algorithm to use when signing SAML responses.

    relayState String

    Value used for the ‘RelayState’ parameter when sending a SAML response to the assertion consumer service.

    identityProviderEntityId String

    The SAML entity ID for the IdP configuration. Leave blank to use system default.

    responseField String!

    Field name the marketplace will use when sending the SAML response to an ISV's assertion consumer service.

    encodeResponse Boolean

    Define if the SAML response should be encoded. Default is enabled.

    assertionAttributes [AddProductIntegrationSamlAssertionAttributeInput!] PREVIEW

    The attributes to include in the SAML response

    notBeforeMinutes Int

    The number of minutes before the issue time that the assertion is considered valid. Default is 5 minutes.

    notAfterMinutes Int

    The number of minutes after the issue time that the assertion is considered valid. Default is 10 minutes.

    Return Fields

    samlConfiguration ProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration PREVIEW

    The SAML configuration added to a product integration

    userErrors [AddProductIntegrationSamlConfigurationError!] PREVIEW

    A list of errors

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