CreatePaymentInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


This page contains


    amount Decimal!

    Payment amount

    currency Currency!

    Payment currency, using the ISO-4217 currency code

    intents [PaymentIntentInput!]! PREVIEW

    Intents for which payment is being made, Intent can be USER/COMPANY/INVOICE

    userId ID!

    Target user's id for which payment is being made

    accountId ID!

    Target account's id for which payment is being made

    flowType FlowType! PREVIEW

    Information about from where payment is being initiated

    paymentMethod PaymentMethodInput PREVIEW

    Payment method information for payment, if not provided default payment method will be used

    merchantOfRecordId String!

    Merchant of record id, value can be reseller uuid, tenant code based on merchantOfRecordType

    merchantOfRecordType String!

    Merchant of record type, e.g. TENANT, RESELLER etc

    properties [PropertyInput] PREVIEW

    Payment additional properties

    Mutations for CreatePaymentInput

    createPayment PREVIEW

    Create a payment for an intent, e.g. USER, COMPANY, INVOICE