input for contract details on a pricing plan

This page contains


    minimumServiceLength NonNegativeInt

    Duration of the contract in number of cycle (minimumServiceLength * billingFrequency)

    continueWithoutContract Boolean!

    if true renew the subscription without contract at the end of the contract

    contractFee ItemPriceInput

    Contract Fee

    terminationFee PricingPlanTerminationFeeInput

    Termination fee details in case of contract cancellation

    cancellationPeriodLimit NonNegativeInt

    Contract cancellation period limit

    blockContractUpgrades Boolean!

    If true, upgrade during contract is blocked

    blockContractDowngrades Boolean!

    If true, downgrade during contract is blocked

    blockSwitchToShorterContract Boolean!

    If true, switching to shorter contract is blocked

    keepContractDateOnPlanChange Boolean!

    Set to true to keep contract date on pricing plan change

    keepContractDateOnPlanChangeDifferentDuration Boolean

    Set to true to keep contract date when changing to a pricing plan of a different duration

    allowContractRestrictionBypass Boolean!

    If true, allow bypass contract restrictions is enabled