Represents details of contract on pricing plan

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    contractFee: PricingPlanFee

    Defines developer price and markup prices for contract fee on the plan

    minimumServiceLength: NonNegativeInt

    Duration of the contract in number of cycle (minimumServiceLength * pricingDuration) If customers cancel their subscription before this period, they will be charged the termination fee, if configured

    endOfContractGracePeriod: NonNegativeInt

    End of contract grace period. A fixed time that user has after their contract ends to start a new contract before their account is deleted. Grace period has no impact on auto renew

    contractCancellationPeriodLimit: NonNegativeInt

    Contract cancellation period limit. Defines the number of days to cancel the contract before the end of contract, otherwise the contract will be extended automatically by the same contract

    blockSwitchToShorterContract: Boolean!

    If true, switching to shorter contract is blocked

    allowContractRestrictionBypass: Boolean!

    If true, allow bypass contract restrictions is enabled. Enable marketplace managers to set roles for bypassing contract restrictions

    blockContractDowngrades: Boolean!

    If true, blocks edition downgrades for subscriptions with active contracts

    blockContractUpgrades: Boolean!

    If true, blocks edition upgrades for subscriptions with active contracts.

    continueWithoutContract: Boolean!

    if true renew the subscription without contract at the end of the contract

    keepContractDateOnPlanChange: Boolean!

    If true, the remaining contract duration will not be changed when a subscription's pricing plan is changed. If false, the remaining contract duration will be extended from the date of the subscription plan change, if the new plan Minimum Contract Duration exceeds remaining contract duration.

    keepContractDateOnPlanChangeDifferentDuration: Boolean

    Set to true to keep contract date when changing to a pricing plan of a different duration

    alignWithParentCycleStartDate: Boolean!

    Set to true to align billing cycle with parent application (addons)

    autoExtensionPricingId: ID

    Defines the id of the plan to which subscription will be renewed at the end of contract

    gracePeriod: PricingPeriod

    Grace period

    terminationFee: TerminationFee

    Termination fee details in case of contract cancellation

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    PricingPlan PREVIEW

    Definition of a pricing plan

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    Returns pricing plan information for provided id