UpdateProductIntegrationOpenIdConnectConfigurationInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Specifies the OpenID Connect single sign-on configuration to update within a product integration

This page contains


    integrationConfigurationId ID!

    Unique ID of the product integration configuration the OpenID Connect single sign-on configuration will be updated within.

    clientCreationMethod ProductIntegrationOpenIdConnectCredentialMethod PREVIEW

    Defines if an OpenID Connect client configuration should be unique to each subscription or shared across subscriptions. Cannot be edited after publish.

    grantTypes [ProductIntegrationOpenIdConnectGrantType!] PREVIEW

    The allowed OAuth 2.0 grants types for this product integration

    redirectUrls [String!]

    The list of URLs where the authorization code is allowed to be sent during SSO

    allowOidcScope Boolean

    Defines if the openid scope scope is allowed to be requested. Must be set to TRUE.

    allowUserScopes Boolean

    Defines if the email, profile, and company scopes are allowed to be requested.

    allowRoleScopes Boolean

    Defines if role scopes (e.g. ROLE_USER) are allowed to be requested.

    initiateLoginUrl String

    URL a user is redirected to when they click the 'MyApps' tile to initiate single sign-on.

    logoutUrl String

    URL used to log a user out of your application. Asynchronously called when user logs out of the marketplace.

    Mutations for UpdateProductIntegrationOpenIdConnectConfigurationInput

    updateProductIntegrationOpenIdConnectConfiguration PREVIEW

    Update the OpenID Connect single sign-on configuration within an existing product integration