Represents the version of price book

This page contains


    id: ID

    Unique identifier for price book version

    priceBookId: ID

    Unique identifier for price book

    name: String

    Name of price book

    description: String

    Description of price book

    partner: String


    createdOn: DateTime

    Creation date of price book

    modifiedOn: DateTime

    Updated date of price book

    createdBy: String

    User who created the price book

    modifiedBy: String

    User who modified the price book

    version: Long

    Version of the price book

    versionedBy: String

    User who versioned the price book

    versionedDate: String

    Versioned date of the priceBook

    precedence: Long

    precedence of price book

    status: String

    Status of price book

    externalSource: String

    External source to which price book prices are associated

    effectiveStartDate: DateTime

    Price will be applicable base on mentioned date

    Parent objects of PriceBookVersion


    A connection type used to page through a list of price book versions

    Queries for PriceBookVersion


    Returns price book versions by its Id