Input for fetching edition pricing information

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    id ID!

    Edition Id

    trial PricingPeriodInput!

    The free trial duration

    expiredTrialGracePeriod NonNegativeInt

    Grace period after the end of the free trial

    revenueType RevenueType!

    Revenue type of edition

    upgradable Boolean!

    If true, upgrade is allowed

    downgradable Boolean!

    If true, downgrade is allowed

    cancellable Boolean!

    If true, user can cancel subscription in the middle of a cycle

    restricted Boolean!

    If true, edition is restricted

    includedItems [IncludedItemInput!]

    Specifies included amount of units in the base price. For example if you have 2 included USER and a price per user an order of 4 users will means 2 users included and the price per user will apply to the other 2

    Mutations for EditionPricingInput


    Update pricing information for edition