An append-only set of data that can be queried with one or more metrics

This page contains


    id: ID!

    Unique identifier of the dataset

    revisionId: Int!

    Unique identifier for a revision (within a given dataset)

    revision: [VisualizationDatasetRevision!]

    The list of revisions containing dataset schemas

    productId: ID!

    Unique identifier (uuid) of the product to which this dataset belongs

    name: String!

    A meaningful, human-readable name for this dataset

    datasetSchema: [VisualizationDatasetAttribute!]

    The list of attributes required for each row in the dataset

    timeColumn: String

    Dataset time column name. Used to optimize data storage and retrieval

    createdDate: Date

    Dataset creation date

    Mutations for VisualizationDataset


    Queries for VisualizationDataset


    Retrieve the most recent revision of a dataset