ProductReview is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Product review

This page contains


    id: ID!
    providerReviewId: String!

    External review ID from the product review provider

    productId: ID!

    Product ID

    title: String

    Product review main title

    rating: Float

    Product review rating

    language: Locale

    Language in which the product review was written

    reviewCreatedOn: DateTime!

    Creation date from the external provider product review

    reviewLastModified: DateTime

    Last modified date from the external provider product review

    reviewModeratedOn: DateTime

    Moderated date from the external provider product review

    sections: [ReviewSection!] PREVIEW

    Product review sections

    tags: [Tag!] @deprecated( reason: "Use reviewTags instead" )PREVIEW
    reviewTags: [ProductReviewTag!] PREVIEW

    Additional tag for this product review

    syndication: Syndication! PREVIEW

    External provider information

    author: Author @deprecated( reason: "Use reviewAuthor instead" )PREVIEW
    reviewAuthor: ProductReviewAuthor! PREVIEW

    Author of this product review

    reviewUrl: Url

    Product review URL pointing to the external provider review

    helpfulnessScore: Float

    Product review helpfulness score

    syndicationUrl: Url

    External provider URL

    createdOn: DateTime

    Internal creation date

    lastModified: DateTime

    Internal last modified date


    Parent objects of ProductReview

    ReviewsConnection PREVIEW

    Connection used to go through a list of product reviews

    Queries for ProductReview

    reviews PREVIEW

    Retrieve a list of product reviews