Represents details of fees on a pricing plan

This page contains


    id: ID

    Unique identifier of the cost type

    editionPricingId: ID

    Unique identifier of the pricing plan

    unit: String!

    Pricing unit. NOT_APPLICABLE in case of flat fee

    dependency: String

    Specifies the unit this cost depends on (like a setup fee on USER)

    meteredUsage: Boolean!

    If true, metered usage would be reported for this unit

    increment: BigDecimal PREVIEW

    Quantity in increments that user will have to buy

    showPricePerIncrement: Boolean!

    If true, increment would be displayed on purchase

    blockContractDecrease: Boolean!

    If true, contract decrease is blocked

    blockContractIncrease: Boolean!

    If true, contract increase is blocked

    blockOriginalContractDecrease: Boolean!

    If true contract decrease is blocked compared to the original order value

    canDecreaseUnits: Boolean

    If true, unit quantity can be decreased

    canIncreaseUnits: Boolean

    If true, unit quantity can be increased

    priceStrategy: PriceStrategy!

    Price strategy for this cost type

    itemPrices: [ItemPriceRange!]

    Defines prices for different unit ranges

    Parent objects of Cost

    PricingPlan PREVIEW

    Definition of a pricing plan

    Queries for Cost


    Returns pricing plan information for provided id