DistributorProductImport is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Import product details

This page contains


    id: ID!
    distributorAccountId: String!
    distributorId: DistributorId! PREVIEW
    distributorProductId: String!
    tenant: String!
    importer: ProductImporterDetails PREVIEW
    createdOn: DateTime!
    lastModifiedOn: DateTime!
    lastSuccessOn: DateTime
    marketplaceProductDetails: MarketplaceProductDetails PREVIEW
    lastImportedProductData: LastImportedProductData! PREVIEW
    importDetails: ImportDetails! PREVIEW
    publishDetails: PublishDetails PREVIEW
    syncDetails: SyncDetails PREVIEW


    Parent objects of DistributorProductImport

    DistributorProductImportsConnection PREVIEW

    Paginated result for imported product details

    Queries for DistributorProductImport

    distributorProductImports PREVIEW

    Fetch import product details