PriceDefinition is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


This is a stub of the PriceDefinition entity, defined in AppDirect/pricing.

This page contains


    id: ID!

    Unique identifier of price definition

    parentPriceDefinitionId: ID

    Parent price definition id

    productId: ID

    Unique identifier of an application

    editionId: ID

    Unique identifier of an edition

    pricingPlanId: ID

    Unique identifier of a pricing plan

    type: PriceDefinitionType! PREVIEW

    Price definition type

    items: [PriceDefinitionItem!] PREVIEW

    Price definition items defining the prices for different cost types

    externalReferences: [ExternalReference!] PREVIEW

    External references for price definition

    Parent objects of PriceDefinition

    BillingChargeDiscount PREVIEW

    Discount detail of the billing charge

    FreeBillingCharge PREVIEW

    Free billing charge which is part of main billing charge

    OneTimeBillingCharge PREVIEW

    One time billing charge which is part of main billing charge

    RecurringBillingCharge PREVIEW

    Recurring billing charge which is part of main billing charge

    SubscriptionPriceChange PREVIEW

    Preview of the Billing Charge to be created by the price change

    Mutations for PriceDefinition

    createPriceDefinition PREVIEW

    Create price definition

    requestSubscriptionPriceChange PREVIEW

    Create a price change event for the specific subscription ID, using the provided Price Definition ID and strategy.

    Queries for PriceDefinition

    priceChangeBySubscriptionId PREVIEW

    Get price change result for a given subscription id

    priceDefinition PREVIEW

    Returns price definition by id

    priceDefinitionByExternalRef PREVIEW

    Returns price definitions of type BASE and DISCOUNT by external reference