Represent a File, parent interface of all other types of file

This page contains


    id: ID!

    unique identifier of a file

    name: String!

    name of the file

    tenant: String!
    metadata: [FileMetadata!]!

    metadata related to the file

    createdOn: DateTime!

    create date time of the file

    Types that implement File


    Represent a file in DOWNLOADABLE status. If the validations succeed, the file becomes downloadable.


    Represent a file in EXPIRED status. If a file is not uploaded within the time limit, the file becomes expired. It contains the time at which it expired.


    Represent a file in INVALID status, if the validations on the file fail, the file becomes invalid.


    A staged file represents a file that is waiting to be uploaded. It contains a link to which the client can POST the file as well as an expiration time.


    Represent a file in VALIDATING status. Once the file is uploaded, the file service gets notified and can execute some validations on the file if needed.