Input for updating termination fee details

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    terminationFeeType TerminationFeeType

    Type of termination fee PERCENTAGE, FLAT_RATE or NONE. If set to NONE, flatFee or percentage, if provided or already set, will be removed If null, existing termination fee type will be considered

    description String

    Description for termination fee for default language of thee MP

    localizedDescriptions [LocalizedStringInput!]

    Description for termination fee for different locales

    percentageFee BigDecimal PREVIEW

    If its percentage fee the percentage amount 1 = 100%

    flatFee [PricingMonetaryStructureInput!]

    Details of prices for termination fee

    removeGracePeriod Boolean

    If true, the grace period will be removed.

    Default value: false

    gracePeriod UpdatePlanGracePeriodPeriodInput

    A period of time after the start of a contract during which the user can cancel the subscription and customers will not be charged a termination fee