ProductIntegrationOpenIdConfiguration is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


The configuration used for OpenID 2.0 single sign-on in a product integration.

This page contains


    loginMethod: OpenIdConfigurationHttpMethod! PREVIEW

    HTTP Method used when redirecting the user to the OpenID 2.0 login URL.

    loginUrl: String

    URL a user is redirected to when they click the 'MyApps' tile to initiate single sign-on.

    realm: String

    OpenID realm of the requests sent by your Open ID consumer.

    setupForm: ProductIntegrationSingleSignOnConfigurationSetupForm PREVIEW

    A descriptor object used to define the setup form presented to Company Admins when importing an application to their company.


    Mutations for ProductIntegrationOpenIdConfiguration

    updateProductIntegrationOpenIdConfiguration PREVIEW

    Update the OpenID 2.0 single sign-on configuration within an existing product integration