Set marketplace sale price or wholesale price for a pricing plan

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    Authorization Rules

    This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes:





    input SetMarketplacePriceInput!

    Attributes to set marketplace sale or wholesale price for pricing plan

    SetMarketplacePriceInput fields

    pricingPlanId ID!

    Unique identifier of pricing plan

    markupPricingType MarkupPricingType!

    Defines the type of markup - Marketplace sale price (CHANNEL) or Wholesale price (CHANNEL_RESELLER)

    setupFee MarkupPriceInput

    Defines markup/markdown price for setup fee

    flatFee MarkupPriceInput

    Defines markup/markdown price for flat fee

    contractFee MarkupPriceInput

    Defines markup/markdown price for contract fee

    units [MarkupUnitPriceInput]

    Defines markup/markdown price for various units in pricing plan

    Return Fields

    markupPrices MarketplacePrice

    Updated markup/markdown prices for a pricing plan

    userErrors [SetMarketplacePriceError!]

    Error details while setting markup/markdown price to the pricing plan

    Interactive example

    This is an example mutation query. Use the embedded interactive tool below to edit the query.

    Hint: use Ctrl + Space for autocompleting fields.