Input for setting contract details on a pricing plan

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    minimumContractDuration NonNegativeInt!

    determines the number of billing cycles that a customer is under contract. During this period the contract specifications are in effect (minimumContractDuration * billingFrequency) The Minimum contract duration number is based on the number of billing periods. If billing frequency is MONTHLY, the number is in months, if billing frequency is YEARLY, the number is in years

    contractFee PricingPlanFeeInput

    The contract fee is a one-time fee that is charged at the start and renewal of a contract

    allowContractRestrictionBypass Boolean

    If true, marketplace managers, SSRs and resellers are allowed to bypass contract restrictions during subscription update

    Default value: false

    blockEditionDowngradesMidContract Boolean

    If true, blocks edition downgrades for subscriptions with active contracts

    Default value: false

    blockEditionUpgradesMidContract Boolean

    If true, blocks edition upgrades for subscriptions with active contracts.

    Default value: false

    blockSwitchToShorterContract Boolean

    If true, subscriptions cannot be changed to plans with shorter or no contracts

    Default value: false

    continueWithoutContract Boolean

    If true, subscription will continue without contract at the end of contract If false, subscription will be canceled if autoExtensionPricingPlanId is not provided otherwise subscription will be auto-renewed with contract duration of the provided plan id

    Default value: false

    autoExtensionPricingPlanId ID

    Defines the id of the plan to which subscription will be renewed at the end of contract. If the value is provided when continueWithoutContract is true, it will be ignored. If subscription needs to be auto renewed to same plan, use value as AUTO_EXTEND_TO_CURRENT_PLAN

    endOfContractGracePeriod NonNegativeInt

    If no auto renew options are enabled, the subscription is canceled or suspended at the end of the contract period depending on the below values for this field If not set, subscription is suspended indefinitely If set to 0, contract is canceled at the end of the contract date If set to value greater than 0, contract is suspended for the specified number of days after the contract end date,after which the contract is canceled

    contractCancellationPeriodLimit NonNegativeInt

    When automatic renewal is enabled, this setting determines the number of days before the end of the contract that the request to cancel the subscription must be made. Otherwise, the contract is automatically renewed

    keepContractDurationOnPlanChange Boolean

    If true, the remaining contract duration will not be changed when a subscription's pricing plan is changed. If false, the remaining contract duration will be extended from the date of the subscription plan change, if the new plan Minimum Contract Duration exceeds remaining contract duration.

    Default value: false

    alignBillingCycleStartDateForAddonWithParentProduct Boolean

    Set to true to align billing cycle with parent application (field applicable only for addons)

    Default value: false

    terminationFee CreateContractTerminationFeeInput

    Termination fee details in case of contract cancellation