ProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


The configuration used for SAML single sign-on in a product integration.

This page contains


    version: String

    The version of the SAML protocol to use

    idpConfigurationCreationMethod: String

    Defines if an IdP configuration should be unique to each subscription or shared across subscriptions.

    serviceProviderEntityId: String

    The SAML entity ID for your application.

    assertionConsumerServiceUrl: String

    The assertion consumer service URL where SAML response will be sent to.

    serviceProviderInitiatedLoginUrl: String

    URL a user is redirected to when they click the 'MyApps' tile. Set this value if your application only supports SP-initiated SSO.

    nameId: String

    The value the marketplace will set as the user's Name ID in the SAML response.

    nameIdFormat: String

    The Name ID format for the subject.

    responseSignatureMode: ProductIntegrationSamlSigningSource PREVIEW

    Defines which part of the SAML response should be signed.

    responseSignatureAlgorithm: ProductIntegrationSamlSigningAlgorithm PREVIEW

    Defines the signature algorithm to use when signing SAML responses.

    relayState: String

    Value used for the ‘RelayState’ parameter when sending a SAML response to the assertion consumer service.

    identityProviderEntityId: String

    The SAML entity ID for the IdP configuration. Leave blank to use system default.

    responseField: String

    Field name the marketplace will use when sending the SAML response to an ISV's assertion consumer service.

    encodeResponse: Boolean

    Define if the SAML response should be encoded. Default is enabled.

    assertionAttributes: [ProductIntegrationSamlAttribute!] PREVIEW

    The attributes to include in the SAML response

    notBeforeMinutes: Int
    notAfterMinutes: Int
    setupForm: ProductIntegrationSingleSignOnConfigurationSetupForm PREVIEW

    A descriptor object used to define the setup form presented to Company Admins when importing an application to their company.


    Mutations for ProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration

    addProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration PREVIEW

    Add a SAML single sign-on configuration to an existing product integration

    updateProductIntegrationSamlConfiguration PREVIEW

    Update the SAML single sign-on configuration within an existing product integration