Create a new tenant scoped webhook configuration

This page contains

    Authorization Rules

    This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes:





    input CreateTenantWebhookConfigurationInput!

    CreateTenantWebhookConfigurationInput fields

    resourceType WebhookResourceType!

    Type of resource to get notified about

    resourceActions [WebhookResourceAction!]!

    Actions on the resource to get notified about

    url URL!

    Url to send webhooks to

    authentication WebhookAuthenticationInput!

    Authentication for the webhook url

    active Boolean

    Active status of the webhook

    Return Fields

    webhookConfiguration WebhookConfiguration

    New webhook configuration if successful

    userErrors [CreateTenantWebhookConfigurationError!]

    Errors preventing creation of the webhook configuration

    Interactive example

    This is an example mutation query. Use the embedded interactive tool below to edit the query.

    Hint: use Ctrl + Space for autocompleting fields.