Represents pricing information of an edition

This page contains


    id: ID!

    Edition reference id

    trial: PricingPeriod

    Free trial details

    expiredTrialGracePeriod: Int

    Grace period after the end of the free trial

    revenueType: RevenueType!

    Revenue type of edition

    upgradable: Boolean!

    If true, edition upgrade is allowed

    downgradable: Boolean!

    If true, edition downgrade is allowed

    cancellable: Boolean!

    If true, user can cancel subscription in the middle of a cycle

    restricted: Boolean!

    If true, edition is restricted

    pricingPlans(resellerCompanyId: String, returnFeesAsCosts: Boolean, markupFilter: PricingPlanMarkupFilterInput): [PricingPlan!]

    List of plans for this edition

    includedItems: [IncludedItem!]

    Specified included amounts of units in the base price. For example if you have 2 included USER and a price per user an order of 4 users will means 2 users included and the price per user will apply to the other 2

    pricingPlanIds: [String!]

    List of pricing plan ids for this edition

    partner: String

    Partner code

    version: String

    Edition version

    Parent objects of EditionPricing


    ProductEdition definition

    Mutations for EditionPricing


    Update pricing information for edition

    Queries for EditionPricing


    Returns pricing information for edition for provided edition reference id