Input for setting cost details on pricing plan

This page contains


    unit String!

    Pricing unit. NOT_APPLICABLE in case of flat fee

    dependency String

    Specifies the unit this cost depends on (like a setup fee on USER)

    meteredUsage Boolean!

    If true, metered usage would be reported for this unit

    increment BigDecimal PREVIEW

    Quantity in increments that user will have to buy

    showPricePerIncrement Boolean!

    If true, increment would be displayed on purchase

    blockContractDecrease Boolean!

    If true, contract decrease is blocked

    blockContractIncrease Boolean!

    If true, contract increase is blocked

    blockOriginalContractDecrease Boolean!

    If true contract decrease is blocked compared to the original order value

    canDecreaseUnits Boolean

    If true, unit quantity can be decreased

    canIncreaseUnits Boolean

    If true, unit quantity can be increased

    priceStrategy PriceStrategy!

    Price strategy for this cost type

    itemPrices [ItemPriceRangeInput!]

    Defines prices for different unit ranges