CheckoutSettings is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Represents settings that can be used during checkout process

This page contains


    tenant: String!

    Represents the unique identifier used for the marketplace

    marketplaceBaseUrl: URL!

    Represents the base url of the marketplace

    supportEmail: [LocalizedEmailAddress!]

    Represents support email configured on the marketplace

    supportPhone: String

    Represents support phone configured on the marketplace

    supportedLocales: [Locale!]!

    Represents supported locales on the marketplace

    defaultLocale: Locale!

    Represents default locale configured on the marketplace

    marketplaceLogoUrl: URL

    Represents the url of the logo image uploaded in marketplace settings ui

    marketplaceFaviconUrl: URL

    Represents the url of the favicon image uploaded in marketplace settings ui

    marketplaceTermsAndConditionsUrl: [LocalizedURL!]

    Represents the url of the marketplace terms and conditions if configured

    marketplacePrivacyUrl: [LocalizedURL!]

    Represents the url of the marketplace privacy policy if configured

    flatTaxRate: Decimal

    Represents the flat tax rate applicable on prices

    allowDiscountCredit: Boolean!

    Represents if discount Credit is allowed or not if item purchase value is lesser than discount amount

    shippingCostEnabled: Boolean!

    Represents if shipping costs is defined by the marketplace manager based on total value of the order

    Queries for CheckoutSettings

    checkoutSettings PREVIEW

    query to fetch the marketplace settings used during checkout process