Attributes available for the Additional Settings Form of a product integration.

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    title: [LocalizedString!]!

    The localized title of the form. It should be descriptive of the values expected below.

    description: [LocalizedString!]

    The localized description or instructions for the values requested in the form. It should give the customer context for the information they need to provide.

    allowedAdvancedValidation: Boolean

    Indicates whether this form should be included when performing an order validation. See orderValidationUrl.

    hiddenByDefault: Boolean

    Indicates whether the form should be initially hidden.

    showFormControlLabel: [LocalizedString!]

    The localized label for the checkbox or other control (only available if hiddenByDefault is true) that allows the user to show the form.

    selectedTLDToggled: Boolean

    When enabled for a product of type DOMAIN_RESELLER, this form will only be displayed to the customer buying the associated TLD.

    specificToTopLevelDomain: String

    For a product of type DOMAIN_RESELLER, indicates whether the form is used when this top-level domain is selected.

    formFields: [ProductIntegrationAdditionalSettingsFormField]

    A list of form fields.

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