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Product definition

This page contains


    id: ID!

    Product Id

    version: String!

    Product Version, either PUBLISHED or WORKING

    vendor: Account! PREVIEW

    Vendor information

    externalSource: PriceBookExternalSource PREVIEW
    type: ProductType! PREVIEW

    The type of product (ex: WEB_APP)

    name: [LocalizedString!]!

    The name of the product

    vendorId: ID! @deprecated( reason: "No longer supported" )

    Vendor identifier

    addon: Boolean!

    Whether the product is an add-on

    allowMultiplePurchases: Boolean!

    Whether the product allows multiple purchases

    usageType: UsageType!

    How many users can be assigned per purchase of the product.

    referable: Boolean!

    Whether the product is referable

    supplierId: ID

    Supplier id

    defaultVariant: ProductVariant @deprecated( reason: "Replaced by templateVariant in favour of better naming" )PREVIEW

    Default product variant

    templateVariant: ProductVariant PREVIEW

    Template product variant. This template is used to configure fields that are common to multiple variants such as the physical attributes.

    variantOptions: [ProductVariantOption!] PREVIEW

    Variant options of the product

    variants(configuration: ProductVariantConfigurationInput): [ProductVariant!]

    Variants of the product

    integration: ProductIntegration

    Integration configuration for the product

    validationErrors: [ProductValidationError!]

    Publication validation errors

    edition(id: ID!): ProductEdition!

    Edition by id

    editions: [ProductEdition!]!


    editionSharedInformation: ProductEditionSharedInformation

    Edition shared information

    shortDescription: [LocalizedString!]!

    Listing 5 words description of the product

    description: [LocalizedString!]!

    Listing description of the product

    vendorName: [LocalizedString!]!

    Displayed customizable name of the vendor

    linkToProductWebsite: [LocalizedString!]!

    Link to the product website

    support: ProductSupport!

    Support information of a Product

    overview: ProductOverview!

    Profile overview information

    media: [ProductMedia!]

    Media information

    features: [ProductFeature!]

    Features of a product

    benefits: [ProductBenefit!]!

    Profile Benefits Information

    listingLogo: ProductImage

    Logo for listing information

    profileLogo: ProductImage

    Application profile logo

    screenshots: [ProductScreenshot!] PREVIEW

    Profile screenshots

    Parent objects of Product

    InvoiceProduct PREVIEW

    Product for invoice. Contains a reference to current object and data recorded at invoice creation.


    ProductEdition definition

    ProductInfo PREVIEW
    ProductVariant PREVIEW

    Specific variant of a Product from a configuration of a product's variant value

    ProductVariantsCreationProcess PREVIEW

    Asynchronous ProductVariant creation process

    SubscriptionDefinition PREVIEW

    Subscription definition

    UsageReaderConfiguration PREVIEW

    Payload for new reader

    Mutations for Product

    addProductVariantOption PREVIEW

    Add a product variant option to a product

    addProductVariantOptionValue PREVIEW

    Create variant option values for a product


    Create a product

    disableProductVariants PREVIEW

    Disable a product variant

    enableProductVariants PREVIEW

    Enable a product variant


    Link a product to a product integration

    orderProductVariantOptions PREVIEW

    Edit the order for product variant options

    orderProductVariantOptionValues PREVIEW

    Order product variant option values

    removeProductVariantOption PREVIEW

    Remove a product variant option from a product

    removeProductVariantOptionValue PREVIEW

    Delete/remove a variant option's value


    Update a product

    updateProductDefaultVariant PREVIEW

    Update a product's default variant

    updateProductVariantOption PREVIEW

    Update a product's variant option

    updateProductVariantOptionValue PREVIEW

    Update a product variant option value

    updateProductVariants PREVIEW

    Update the product's variant(s)

    Queries for Product


    Query a product


    Query products by tenant


    Query products by vendor ID

    productVariantsCreationProcess PREVIEW

    Query the variants creation process

    productVariantsCreationProcessByProductRefId PREVIEW

    Query the variants creation process by product ref id