type for variant pricing plan

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    id: ID!

    Unique identifier for price plan

    billingFrequency: PricingDuration! PREVIEW

    Defines the length of the each billing cycle

    allowCustomUsage: Boolean!

    If true, pricing plan allows to report custom metered usage

    keepBillDateOnUsageChange: Boolean!

    Set to true to keep billing date on usage change

    keepBillDateOnPricingPlanChange: Boolean!

    Set to true to keep billing date on pricing plan change

    reactivationPeriod: NonNegativeInt

    Reactivation period

    separatePrepaid: Boolean!

    Set to true to have prepaid charges in a separate invoice

    primaryPrice: Boolean

    If true, this pricing plan will be the primary pricing plan

    invoiceFrequency: PricingDuration PREVIEW

    Invoicing frequency for the plan. If null, billing frequency is used

    flatFee: PricingPlanItemPrice

    Defines price for flat fee of pricing plan

    setupFee: PricingPlanItemPrice

    Defines price for setup fee of pricing plan

    unitFees: [ProductVariantPricingPlanUnitPrice!]

    Defines prices on different unit prices of pricing plan

    contract: ProductVariantPricingPlanContract

    Defines contract definition

    Parent objects of ProductVariantPricingPlan


    type for variant pricing

    Queries for ProductVariantPricingPlan


    Returns pricing template by product ref id


    Returns pricing information for variant