Attributes available for an additional settings form field.

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    label: [LocalizedString!]

    The localized prefix label(s) of the form field.

    suffix: [LocalizedString!]

    The localized suffix label(s) of the form field.

    type: ProductIntegrationAdditionalSettingsFormFieldType

    The type of input field associated with the form field.

    selectFieldOptions: [ProductIntegrationAdditionalSettingsFormFieldOption]

    The list of select options if the field type is SELECT.

    name: String!

    The key identifying the field when it is submitted to the vendor's configured order validation endpoint.

    repeatedForEachUnit: Boolean

    Indicates whether this form field will be repeated for each purchased unit of an add-on. This allows collecting values specific to each purchased unit. If true, the short description of the add-on will replace the label of the form field.

    required: Boolean

    Indicates whether this form field is required.

    Parent objects of ProductIntegrationAdditionalSettingsFormField


    Attributes available for the Additional Settings Form of a product integration.