type for contract details on a pricing plan

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    contractFee: PricingPlanItemPrice

    Contract Fee

    minimumServiceLength: NonNegativeInt

    Duration of the contract in number of cycle (minimumServiceLength * billingFrequency)

    continueWithoutContract: Boolean!

    if true renew the subscription without contract at the end of the contract

    endOfContractGracePeriod: NonNegativeInt

    End of contract grace period

    alignWithParentCycleStartDate: Boolean!

    Set to true to align billing cycle with parent application (addons)

    autoExtensionPricingId: ID

    Defines the id of the plan to which subscription will be renewed at the end of contract

    cancellationPeriodLimit: NonNegativeInt

    Contract cancellation period limit

    blockContractUpgrades: Boolean!

    If true, upgrade during contract is blocked

    blockContractDowngrades: Boolean!

    If true, downgrade during contract is blocked

    blockSwitchToShorterContract: Boolean!

    If true, switching to shorter contract is blocked

    keepContractDateOnPlanChange: Boolean!

    Set to true to keep contract date on pricing plan change

    keepContractDateOnPlanChangeDifferentDuration: Boolean

    Set to true to keep contract date when changing to a pricing plan of a different duration

    allowContractRestrictionBypass: Boolean!

    If true, allow bypass contract restrictions is enabled

    terminationFee: PricingPlanTerminationFee

    Termination fee details in case of contract cancellation

    Parent objects of ProductVariantPricingPlanContract


    type for variant pricing plan