CartField is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Represents the Cart form field

This page contains


    inputCode: String!

    Represents the unique id of the field

    inputTitle: String

    Represents title/label of the field

    subTitle: String

    Represents subtitle of the field

    tooltip: String

    Represents tooltip of the field

    value: String

    Represents default value of the field

    possibleValues: [CartFieldPossibleValue!] PREVIEW

    Represents possible values of the field. Primarily used for select(dropdown) type fields for options

    fieldType: CartFieldType! PREVIEW

    Represents the type of the field

    visible: Boolean!

    Represents the visibility of the field

    validations: CartFieldValidation! PREVIEW

    Represents the validations to be used for the field

    options: CartFieldOption PREVIEW

    Represents the field options such as suffix, placeholder etc

    Parent objects of CartField

    CartItemProductFieldsForm PREVIEW

    Represent a form containing the product fields of the cart item

    Queries for CartField

    cartFields PREVIEW

    Query For fetching cart form fields