terminateSubscription is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


The terminateSubscription mutation will immediately terminate a specified subscription within the marketplace. Upon execution, the subscription is permanently deleted from the marketplace database and cannot be restored. However, it's important to note that while the subscription is terminated on the marketplace side, it may still exist on the vendor side. This mutation should be used with caution due to its irreversible nature.

This page contains

    Authorization Rules

    This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes:





    subscriptionTerminationInput SubscriptionTerminationInput! PREVIEW

    SubscriptionTerminationInput fields

    subscriptionId ID!

    ID of the subscription to terminate

    terminationReason String!

    Message indicating the reason for the termination

    Return Fields

    subscription SubscriptionDefinition! PREVIEW

    Subscription that was requested to be terminated

    userErrors [SubscriptionTerminationError!] PREVIEW

    List of errors that may have occurred

    Interactive example

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