Input for adding variant pricing plan

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    contract ProductVariantPricingPlanContractInput

    Defines contract definition

    billingFrequency PricingDuration PREVIEW

    Defines the length of the each billing cycle

    allowCustomUsage Boolean

    If true, pricing plan allows to report custom metered usage

    keepBillDateOnUsageChange Boolean

    Set to true to keep billing date on usage change

    keepBillDateOnPricingPlanChange Boolean

    Set to true to keep billing date on pricing plan change

    reactivationPeriod NonNegativeInt

    Reactivation period

    separatePrepaid Boolean

    Set to true to have prepaid charges in a separate invoice

    primaryPrice Boolean

    If true, this pricing plan will be the primary pricing plan

    invoiceFrequency PricingDuration PREVIEW

    Invoicing frequency for the plan. If null, billing frequency is used

    flatFee ItemPriceInput

    Defines price for flat fee of pricing plan

    setupFee ItemPriceInput

    Defines price for setup fee of pricing plan

    unitFees [AddProductVariantUnitFeeInput!]

    List of unit prices to be added to pricing plan