IAASJob is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Extends details of IAAS job from metered usage

This page contains


    jobId: ID!

    Request group ID of a specific job

    partner: String!

    Partner For which Job was run

    isv: String!

    ISV / IaaS provider

    connectorStatus: String!

    Job status from connector side

    usagesRead: Int!

    No. of usages read by Connector

    usagesPosted: Int!

    No. of usages posted by Connector to metered usage

    usagesSkipped: Int!

    No. of usages filtered by Connector

    usagesErrored: Int!

    No. of usages skipped by Connector due to error

    jobStartTime: DateTime!

    Date and Time at which job was started in Connector

    jobEndTime: DateTime

    Date and Time at which job was completed in Connector

    runType: String!

    Run type to indicate whether job was Monthly or Rerun

    status: String PREVIEW

    Current status of a job

    usagesReadMU: String PREVIEW

    Total usages in a specific job

    usagesRated: String PREVIEW

    Total usages rated in a specific job

    usagesFailed: String PREVIEW

    Total usages failed in a specific job

    usageStartProcessTime: String PREVIEW

    Start process time of a job from metered-usage

    usageEndProcessTime: String PREVIEW

    End process time of a job from metered-usage

    Parent objects of IAASJob

    IAASJobConnection PREVIEW

    Type to hold IAASJob List and its pagination details

    IAASJobResponse PREVIEW

    Queries for IAASJob

    jobDetailsByJobId PREVIEW

    Query to fetch job details by jobId