A dataset attribute can be thought of as a column in a database table. Clients can specify various fields that will aid in optimizing storage and retrieval.

This page contains


    name: String!

    A machine-readable name used to identify this attribute

    rename: String

    Rename an existing attribute

    category: VisualizationDatasetAttributeCategory!

    Attribute Category

    dataType: VisualizationDatasetAttributeDataType!

    Attribute data type

    description: String

    Attribute description. Used by clients to describe their own dataset attributes

    Parent objects of VisualizationDatasetAttribute


    An append-only set of data that can be queried with one or more metrics


    An append-only set of data that represents a revision of a datasetSchema.

    Queries for VisualizationDatasetAttribute


    Retrieve the most recent revision of a dataset