CreateAccountInput is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Payload for createAccount mutation requests

This page contains


    name String!

    Name of the account

    countryCode String!

    Country code of the account

    accessTypes [AccountAccessType!]

    The type of access that members of this account (company) have

    firstUser FirstUserInput! PREVIEW

    The input required to specify or define the first user of the account.

    allowLogin Boolean

    Optional. Default is "true". When set to "true", the marketplace company allows users, including the first user, to login to the marketplace and receive emails from the marketplace. Users can purchase and assign products within the company. Products can also be purchased on their behalf, and assigned to them. When set to "false", the marketplace company does not allow company members, including the first user, to login to the marketplace or receive email notifications from the marketplace. Products are purchased and assigned on users behalf, and they access those products directly through the product interface.

    Default value: true

    resellerAccountId String

    Reseller company uuid to associate with customer company. If not provided, then reseller association will not be done

    Mutations for CreateAccountInput

    createAccount PREVIEW

    Create a new marketplace account (company)