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Definition of an credit memo line

This page contains


    id: ID!

    ID of the credit memo line

    creditMemoId: ID!

    ID of the credit memo that holds this line

    buyer: Party PREVIEW
    cost: CostInfo PREVIEW
    costPeriod: CostPeriodInfo PREVIEW
    description: String
    discount: DiscountInfo PREVIEW
    edition: EditionInfo PREVIEW
    orderLineId: String
    period: Period PREVIEW
    pricingPlan: PricingPlanInfo PREVIEW

    Pricing plan info associated with the credit memo line

    product: ProductInfo PREVIEW
    provider: Party PREVIEW
    quantity: Decimal!
    subscription: SubscriptionInfo PREVIEW
    total: Decimal!

    Credit Memo Line Total

    type: CreditMemoLineType PREVIEW
    unitPrice: Decimal!
    refundedInvoiceLine: InvoiceLine PREVIEW

    Invoice line refunded by this credit memo line

    balanceCreatedOn: DateTime! PREVIEW

    Creation date of the credit memo in customer balance service

    balance: Decimal PREVIEW

    Credit Memo Line Balance

    creditMemoLineItems: [CreditMemoLineItem] PREVIEW

    Credit Memo Line Items

    Parent objects of CreditMemoLine

    CreditMemo PREVIEW

    Definition of an credit memo

    Queries for CreditMemoLine

    creditMemo PREVIEW