Payment is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


Definition of a payment

This page contains


    id: ID!
    paymentNumber: String
    jbillingPaymentId: String
    amount: BigDecimal! PREVIEW
    dateTime: DateTime!
    status: String! PREVIEW

    Payment status

    invoices: [Invoice] PREVIEW
    paymentMethod: PaymentMethod! PREVIEW
    paymentType: String
    gatewayPaymentId: String
    gatewayConfiguration: GatewayConfiguration PREVIEW
    properties: [PaymentProperty] PREVIEW
    refundedPayment: Payment PREVIEW
    refunds: [Payment] PREVIEW
    message: String
    code: String
    coreCode: String
    balanceCreatedOn: DateTime! PREVIEW

    Creation date of the payment in customer balance service

    balanceUpdatedOn: DateTime! PREVIEW

    Last updated date of the payment in customer balance service

    currency: Currency! PREVIEW

    Payment currency, using the ISO-4217 currency code

    intents: [PaymentIntent]! PREVIEW

    Intents for which payment was done, Intent can be USER/COMPANY/INVOICE

    customer: BalanceCustomer! PREVIEW


    balanceLedgers(withHistory: Boolean): [PaymentBalanceLedger]

    List payment balances

    number: String! PREVIEW

    Payment number

    appliedToInvoices: [AppliedToInvoice] PREVIEW

    Invoices the payment was applied to


    Parent objects of Payment

    AppliedPayment PREVIEW

    Definition of an applied payment

    BalancePaymentConnection PREVIEW
    CreditMemo PREVIEW

    Definition of an credit memo

    Payment PREVIEW

    Definition of a payment

    PaymentConnection PREVIEW
    RefundProperties PREVIEW

    Definition of credit memo refund properties

    Mutations for Payment

    createPayment PREVIEW

    Create a payment for an intent, e.g. USER, COMPANY, INVOICE

    updateOffPlatformPayment PREVIEW

    Update off-platform payment

    Queries for Payment

    creditMemo PREVIEW
    payment PREVIEW

    Retrieve a payment by id

    paymentByPaymentNumber PREVIEW

    Retrieve a payment by payment number

    payments PREVIEW

    Retrieve list of payments by marketplace

    paymentsByCompanyId PREVIEW

    Retrieve list of payments by companyId

    paymentsByUserAndCompanyId PREVIEW

    Retrieve list of payments by companyId and userId