Attributes available to create a product

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    type ProductTypeInput!

    The type of product (ex: WEB_APP)

    name [LocalStringInput!]

    The name of the product

    addon Boolean!

    Define the product as an add-on

    allowMultiplePurchases Boolean!

    Define if the product allows multiple purchases

    usageType UsageType!

    Define how many users can be assigned per purchase of the product.

    referable Boolean!

    Define if the product is referable

    vendorId ID

    Identifier of the vendor. It is a UUID and can also be referenced as CompanyUUID (Optional: only needed for tenant level permissions)

    supplierId ID PREVIEW

    Supplier id for physical products or hardware as a service

    shortDescription [LocalStringInput!]

    5 words description of the product

    description [LocalStringInput!]

    Description of the product

    vendorName [LocalStringInput!]

    Name of the product vendor

    linkToProductWebsite [LocalStringInput!]

    Link to the product website

    support ProductSupportInput

    Support information of a Product

    overview ProductOverviewInput

    Profile overview information

    media [ProductMediaInput!]

    Media information

    features [ProductFeatureInput!]

    Product features information

    benefits [ProductBenefitInput!]

    Product benefits information

    editionSharedInformation ProductEditionSharedInformationInput

    Edition shared information

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