Input for updating pricing template

This page contains


    productRefId ID!

    Unique identifier for product ref

    revenueType RevenueType

    Revenue type of variant

    freeTrial PricingPeriodInput

    Free trial details

    expiredTrialGracePeriod NonNegativeInt

    Grace period after the end of the free trial

    addPricingPlans [ProductVariantAddPricingPlanInput!]

    List of a pricing plans to be added

    updatePricingPlans [ProductVariantUpdatePricingPlanInput!]

    List of a pricing plans to be updated

    removePricingPlans [String!]

    List of a pricing plan unique identifiers to be removed

    includedItems [IncludedItemInput!]

    Specified included amounts of units in the base price

    modifiedBy String!

    Email id of user modifying pricing template

    Mutations for UpdatePricingTemplateInput


    Update pricing template for a product