Account is in Preview status and is subject to change without notice. For more information about Preview status, see the GraphQL API policy.


An account (that is, a company) in the marketplace

This page contains


    id: ID! PREVIEW

    Represents Account ID

    creditMemos(filter: CreditMemoFilter!, orderBy: [CreditMemoOrderBy], first: Int, after: String, last: Int, before: String): CreditMemoAccountConnection!
    name: String

    Name of the account

    status: AccountStatus!

    Current status of the account

    accessTypes: [AccountAccessType!]

    The type of access that members of this account (company) have

    createdOn: DateTime

    Account creation date and time

    defaultRole: AccountMembershipRole!

    Default role given to new members of the account

    externalId: String

    Unique external identifier of the account

    countryCode: String

    Country code of the account

    website: String

    The URL for the account's website

    contactAddress: AccountContactAddress

    The contact address of an account (that is, a company)

    assignableRoles: AccountAssignableRoles

    Account assignable roles

    customAttributes: [CustomAttribute!]

    The custom attributes associated with the account

    contactPhoneNumber: PhoneNumber

    Phone number of the account in E164 format

    contactEmail: EmailAddress

    Email address of the account

    allowMembershipCreationByMarketplaceUsers: Boolean PREVIEW

    Allow membership creation by marketplace users

    accountMemberships(first: Int, after: String, before: String, last: Int, filter: AccountMembershipDetailsFilter): AccountMembershipDetailsConnection!

    The list of memberships associated with the account

    webhookConfigurations(first: Int, after: String, last: Int, before: String, filter: WebhookConfigurationFilter): AccountWebhookConfigurationConnection!

    Paginated list of webhook configurations for the account

    webhooks(first: Int, after: String, last: Int, before: String, filter: WebhookFilter): AccountWebhookConnection!

    Paginated list of webhooks for the account